Welcome to The Department of Energy and Minerals

Hon. Salama Aboud Talib

The Department of Energy and Minerals (DoEM) is organised under the Ministry of Water & Energy (MWE) - and is led by Hon. Salama Aboud Talib.

MWE manages all national energy issues in Zanzibar through the Department of Energy and Mineral (DoEM) and the Directorate of Planning, Policy and Research which is responsible for planning for all sectors under the MLWHE including energy.

The MWE is also responsible for the supervision of the national power utility, the Zanzibar Electricity Corporation (ZECO), which is done by appointing the members of the Board of Directors as well as receiving quarterly progress reports from the management of the ZECO.
The Department of Energy and Mineral (DoEM) is, among other, responsible for the implementation of the Energy Policy. Currently, the Department’s workforce consists of 35 employees, out of which 10 are occupying management and professional positions. According to the Energy Policy the DoEM is assigned to;

Be an executive agent of all energy sub-sectors;

The Department however, does not have a direct supervisory role over ZECO and is not directly responsible for setting up electricity tariffs.  Under the current set up, tariffs are controlled by the newly established economic regulator ZURA.